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Big changes are coming in 2017! Thank you so much for your support of my upcycled clothing line, wear love now! I have enjoyed every part of this handmade business, especially the connections with customers and fellow makers. Use code: finishwell for 50% off all clothes in my shop.

I am discontinuing my upcycled clothing line for a variety of prayerfully considered reasons.

As hard as it was to close this particular handmade chapter, God has brought to life a new product line, and passion of mine, that has been kept primarily for my own personal use.

I am passionate about words…in particular God’s words of grace and truth! In my own faith journey, I find my hungry heart placing ‘snacks’ of visuals all around my home on index cards, markers on the mirror and more recently…chalkboards!

words to encourage comfort & inspire

So…I’m excited to share my teacher love of chalkboards, writer love of words and fellow pilgrim love of God’s incredible grace and life-changing truth!



God's custom made wardrobe includes love, joy and strength

God’s custom made wardrobe includes love, joy and strength

When I sew in the custom labels for my shop, I’m reminded of God’s custom wardrobe of love, strength and gentleness. God’s love is the only true label where ‘one size fits all’. We’re all been there…wanting a shirt that’s too small or a dress that’s too big. Small, Medium, Large and XXL. Our lives have XL messes. Our hearts left to their own are XSmall. There’s no need too small and no shame too large that God’s love cannot clothe. Want to know more about this beautiful wardrobe. Check out Colossians 3 in Eugene Peterson’s The Message . You’ll find the quote that my shop’s name came  from: regardless of what you put on, wear love!



gift giving

Tis the countdown to Christmas and the mad dash at stores begins! List making, cyber sales, discount codes…they are all ingredients we anticipate after Thanksgiving each year!

FullSizeRender 5

What’s it all about?

And though shopping begins as a thoughtful process, it often escalates into financial extension and obligatory exchanges. Put quite simply, gift giving, the true meaning of Christmas, is ironically often lost. So I would love to challenge us this Christmas season to give gifts of love and grace. Maybe they don’t even come wrapped in packages with strings. It could be a handmade coupon to shovel a neighbor’s drive or time over coffee with a treasured friend. Packages are wonderful and they are part of the St. Nicholas and Santa Claus legacy.

FullSizeRender 6

But, the greatest gift came over 2,000 years ago wrapped up and laying in a manger. That, my friends, is the true meaning of Christmas gift giving!

(and if you do shop, please support small and handmade businesses).


upcycled sundress

upcycled dress

This year’s 2015 fashion trends include a few of my favorites: polka dots and flared bell jeans! I think both reflect fun and femininity so well.


I would like to add to that list of things to wear this year. Among them a few of my favorites: love, compassion and kindness.

I think fashion trends like polka dots and bell bottoms are fun to follow, but, more importantly I believe wearing love, compassion and kindness look lovely on all body shapes and with any accessory.


What is YOUR favorite fashion trend to wear?

Handmade Love

Feb 12, 2015


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It is a good thing that a picture paints 1,000 words since I have been absent from blogging I need at least that much to catch up.This grouping is well timed for Valentine’s Day in that it is full of handmade love that can be found here on Etsy

Handmade Love

Handmade Love

Handmade in itself is an expression of love. I know these shops with my heart and can attest that their beautiful items are created or curated with great care and love. It may be a little late for ordering a Valentine gift…but not a gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, friendship or other occasion. When you give handmade…you give love!

What item would you love to give to someone today?


Wrapping up the year with joy and thanks!

Merry Christmas! My family is bustling with wrapping activity, cookie baking and stocking stuffing. As we do all the traditions to celebrate this season of Christmas there are two things I want to write, the first is:

Thanks for the cherished support of WearLoveNow!

and the second is:
I wish you a very happy, merry Christmas and 2015!

one tradition in my family!

one tradition in my family!

We have many fun traditions this time of year, cutting down the Christmas tree, filling stockings, watching Charlie Brown and The Grinch. But, probably my favorite is the birthday cake that the kids help me make and decorate to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. It’s a subtle way to remember, in the midst of the wish lists, candy canes and ornaments…that it’s not all about us…although it’s for us!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

Choosing to live in eco friendly way enters into many decisions of  each day. Just like cars with good mileage have a lot of appeal to our hearts and wallets…so do closets that get good mileage…especially if you are an eco friendly fashionista.


One easy way to increase clothing’s wearability is layering. It’s an obvious one…but, easy to do and rather fun as well. Right now…half of the world is going into winter…the other half will be soon enough. So when it gets chilly, many a short sleeved top, dress, jacket or blouse can be layered with a henley under and/or a cardigan over!



I find myself wearing this combination almost all winter long. A henley shirt is nothing more than a nice long sleeved thermal layering top. Think, Grandpa’s long underwear. I love the ones with lace on the sleeve and neckline…just another sweet feminine detail.


And cardigans are plentiful in thrift shops. I love the solid blues and greens as they go so well with almost any color or pattern layered under.

Let me know if you have any other tips for stretching our closet’s mileage! I’d love to hear from you!


handmade scarf

me staying warm in a VeraJayne scarf

I love the small business movement. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of years past when life appeared less complicated or hurried and more neighborly or community driven. The world wide web has opened my own shop and my own purchases through small businesses that are literally around the world!

I stay cozy wearing my scarf from VeraJayne handmade in South Africa with love. → Read more


The big question for most architects, designers and hairstylists is: Function over form….which gets more weight?!
Most fashion of today has deep roots in function. The Pea Coat is no exception.
Sailors wore this style of coat as part of uniforms as far back as the 1830s until WWII in the 1940s. In the 1960s icon fashion designer, Yves St. Laurent, redesigned the coat with flashy gold buttons for women.

Today the coat can be found in practical materials like wool and classic colors or soft materials like fleece in non traditional colors with flair, shown above. Even this one takes poetic liberty by not following the traditional double-breasted style. Pea coats are great for Fall apple picking, football games or outings in the city. They look especially great with skinny jeans and boots or same-length dresses.

This one-of-a-kind, upcycled red pea coat is available now!
Stay cozy…for the functional part of you and wear pretty for the fashionable part of you!


How did we get here? I don’t mean how did we get to Canada (beautiful location of this shot)…I mean…how did we get to be such a disposable world?


America spends more on garbage bags than 90% of the world’s 210 countries do on everything. Dr. Wess Stafford (Too Small to Ignore)

Embarrassing…isn’t it? It makes me glad for the quiet eco revolution going on…and for those of you shopping at thrift stores and ‘making do’. Let’s drink to that and then toss our pop cans in the recycle bin!

upcycled clothing shop

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