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Shop Vacation

Aug 6, 2014

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Wear Love Now will be closed from August 7-17!
See you soon!

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St. Joseph’s Island, Canada, is a favorite place…because of what it was for me growing up and because of what I hope it will be for my kids and their cousins.

It is where my grandma and aunt taught me the joys of skinny dipping under the stars. It is where my mom and dad would run out to the dock hoping to wave their arms hard enough to reap the incredible sound of a Great Lake Freighter’s salute. It is where my grandpa taught me to fish and where we all tried time after time to get up on waterskis. It is the magical forest where we built a fort that would stand through hard winters and soon become one my kids used in summers to come. It is where we played cards, had lively discussions while washing dishes. Priceless memories. It was a long time before there were indoor bathrooms, a telephone and a television. Instead there was a rustic outhouse, walking to your neighbors for a visit and books…lots and lots of books.

Now the cottage has the realities of a more worn life…the original walls are not all still there. As well, our adulthood has brought some brokeness and difficulty…the original freedom is not all still there.
But, my family will gather at this, my favorite place, soon…and for a while, we will remember and live in the times of card games, campfires, fishing, laughing, walking and loving…just a for a bit before we re-enter what faces us all back in our adult responsibilities.

I hope you too, Friend, have a place to share and pass on with people you love…a favorite place!

My shop will be closed since there is (wink wink) NO phone line and not a cellular signal to be had…ahhhh…until I return…love and happy summer!

True Story!

Jul 19, 2014


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Yesterday we took our routine afternoon walk and one of my boys fell behind the others to chat with me. He noticed I was a little slow. I had an infection a couple weeks back and took them on a road trip a couple days back…so I was a wee bit tired. And when I tried to rest, the kids needed me to serve as a referee or nurse…not conducive to relaxation.

My son: Mom, you seem tired.
Me: Yup, I am…I could use a rest.
Him: I don’t think Moms get rests…Dads do.
Me: Really?
Him: Yeah, you kinda have to wait until you die…then you can rest in Heaven.
Me: . . .wow!

images (4)

Hope we all can get a glimpse of Heaven and rest these days of summer!
True story!

Fashion 101

Jul 1, 2014


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I have a great new book ‘Fashion 101’ by Erika Stalder to learn about the history and function behind some of the styles we still employ today.

Today’s fun tidbits are on the Empire Dress. Here’s a great example of one in my shop. It is typically a floor-length gown with the waistline just below the bust.

It is named after the historical period it became popular in..the 1800’s during France’s First Empire. It went through a revival in the ’70s (remember the daisy patterned material in the Brady Bunch?). Sometimes it has Greek symbolism or patterns intermixed with it.

Rumor has it that Josephine Bonaparte (who married Napoleon) invented the style to disguise her pregnant belly.
It is a flattering, feminine style that we all love today with ballet flats or another comfy shoe!

LOVE this style in particular.
That’s probably why my shop carries an overflow of this style in tops and dresses!

There’s no pop quiz…it is July after all!


This end of school season has me hustling too fast! Two days ago I forgot an important meeting. This morning I dropped my youngest off to school and realized I had forgotten it was ‘Rock Star’ dress up day. I’m not the only one, a dad was hurrying to the school office as his daughter had forgotten her helmet for the biking unit and I’ve gotten more calls from my kids this week than the rest of the school year as they forgot homework, a notice or something else needed for their days.

A bike helmet, dressing up and notes are easily worked out dilemmas. But, a very small flower stopped me in my tracks as if to say, ‘slow down’ and do NOT forget the essentials of love…the listening at snack time with heartfelt attention to my son’s science project success, the taking off of my daughter’s leg braces with her on my lap rather than hurriedly on the floor, the fixing of my oldest’s hair so that we can talk about the friendship issues she’s wrestled with lately.

I thank God for little reminders like that flower…slow down. . . and remember what is truly important.

Just Peachy!

Jun 2, 2014


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Oh, love this new site where I can create outfits with existing Wear Love Now items…what fun!
Still figuring the technical side of it all…but, meanwhile…enjoy!


Happy June! xo


Books can make hearts lovely!
Some of my favorite people are well read…books make them interesting, challenged, purposed and often with a broader world view!

A simple gift idea is shown in the above picture…take a strip of material from jeans, or a vintage ribbon and attach a button, earring from grandma or other sweet sparkle.
This is a perfect way to recycled and encourage reading at the same time!

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite books or diy bookmark ideas!

Trying to help my kiddos with their worries has been most challenging at BEDTIME when worries seem to come and trouble their hearts. Trying different tactics, I’ve finally come to the arrival of a new idea…a pillow case with a pocket…to tuck worries into, pray about each one and then put mind and body to rest! This pocket could also be used for a love note by a parent who has to be out of town or possibly a Tooth Fairy exchange. Actually the pocket has many possibilities but, I’m most excited to help kids get a better night sleep by tucking their worries away and learning to pray. I’ve made a few to sell in my shop. What do you think? How do you chase worries away?



Refashioning has its roots set in various places and times. But, how I love the era of flour sack dresses (these sweet ones can be found at Although the dresses served their function well, their clever makers didn’t compromise the fashion of that time. They made beauty from ashes…or in this case…sacks.

The making something new from the old is such a beautifully redemptive process. Maybe that is one reason I am so drawn to upcycling clothes…it’s a regular reminder of what God has done in my life. I gave him the rather worn and frayed pieces of my life and he has refashioned, restored and remade me. In fact, I’m rather a work in progress of his alterations.

Happy Easter!
After all it celebrates refashioning at it’s best.


Hello, Spring!

Mar 20, 2014


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PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Hello Spring!
Oh, I couldn’t be happier to turn the page of my calendar to this day…hope and anticipation after such a long, hard, cold winter. I love the birds singing, sun shining, people outdoors walking and sunsets after supper!

What do you like about spring?

I also like creating clothes with sunny colors and seeing cheerier colors like these from other sweet Etsy shops!

So it’s official today, Happy Spring!

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