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IMG_0467-001Hey, Friends…
I love the more natural products out there and wanted to make you aware of one that makes your lips and kisses gorgeous without all those yucky, toxic ingredients!
Red Apple Lipstick has a great thing going and to convince you, they offer a makeup exchange. You send them any old lipstick in your purse or bathroom cupboard and they, in exchange, will give you a fresh, toxic, gluten and paraben free lipstick for a reduced rate!

It’s easy…I did it and got this sweet color Red!
So…lick your lips after dessert without any fears and kiss your loves without any harm!

Pucker up a little safer today!
(exchange link is in my comments…just click)

Dressing our hearts with LOVE is so very important. What we surround ourselves with can remind, inspire and help us with that commitment!


One of my Etsy Friends, Kat, has a dear shop that I adore and appreciate because her items help you dress your surroundings with beauty and LOVE…be it kitchen, office, bathroom or hallway!

She is a Friend who wears LOVE and inspires LOVE…check out her shop if you want to dress your home and hearts with LOVE in fresh ways!


Happy Dancing!

Feb 5, 2014


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We are doing a happy dance here at home seeing WearLoveNow in print.
Some time ago I was pleasantly approached by one of the staff of Altered Couture to submit some of my clothing line to their editors.
Happily, they liked a sweet upcycled tank that I put fun pockets on and viola! My ‘how-tos’ and a beautifully modeled tank are now in the 2014 Spring edition!

It’s now available online at or on certain magazine racks.
Thanks to that beautiful publication for showcasing, not only my work, but many other artists that are reusing and beautifying…one piece of clothing at a time!


We are like many families who pack lunches and tuck little love notes in them so a simple meal can add a boost of appreciation in the midst of a full school day. The other night our youngest, Mari, was packing her lunch and asked for someone to please write her a love note. All busy with our evening activities, her dad and I didn’t hear her simple request! Rather than pout, feel sorry for herself or even throw a pity party…she took matters into her own hands and wrote herself a straight to the point love note and tucked it in her lunch box!


I’m not a big fan of the ‘self-love’ movement that’s swept our culture in recent decades but, I am in favor of a healthy heart that trusts love…especially God’s. Mari is secure in her love…she knows how loved she is. Her note is inspiring to me…I think I would have the tendency to pout and be so distracted by the fact that no one heard my request for a note that I would miss love right around me!

How about you? Do you know you are loved? Look around you and look up!



As we greet 2014 my kids challenged me to give extra to those in need around the world.
How I love their hearts and hands that want to help!

So we begin the New Year with the largest gift to Samaritan’s Purse yet and each one of you has made that possible with your support of wearlovenow…either by purchase, encouragement or personal promotion!

Thank you and happiest of new years!

Heart to Heart!

Dec 24, 2013


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Our beautifully decorated tree has lovely wrapped gifts all around and the kiddos are so eager to unwrap each one! Those gifts are a sweet reminder of God’s indescribable gift wrapped in a manger years ago!

As you unwrap gifts or celebrate holidays with other traditions, I hope you will embrace the grace, love and peace embodied in Christmas!

With love from my heart to yours!

Gift giving is in full swing and sometimes packaging renders as much thought as the present itself!
These simple, eco friendly gift bags can be full of personality and as artistic as you want them to be.

You need:
1. basic sewing tools
2. old jeans or material remnants
3. linens of some sort (pillow case or napkins)

diyblog-gift bags

Basic steps:
1. choose your linen- I like to use pillowcases because they are so reasonably priced at our thrift shop and because they have most seams completed for me. Napkins work beautifully too.
2. look for points of interest on linens…not just plain white…but, embroidery of some sort or a pretty floral pattern.
3. fold, mark (using a washable sewing pen/maker) and cut your pillowcase into 2-4 pieces, depending on your size desired. Napkins need no cutting.
4. tear old pair of jeans into strips or another remnant to use as handles. I like the look of the raw tearing rather than cut edges.
5. Sew up any edges or bottoms that need closing. Turn inside out for a reformed seam and keep stitching on the outside if you like the more rustic edging. Sew handles on…I prefer on the outside because it adds a bit of character.
6. Flourish with ribbon, doilies or another detail your gift recipient may like.

Viola! You have created a pretty, personalized gift bag that is good for the earth!

When I first began my shop I took pride in packaging each item sold with vintage ribbon tied around tissue paper. But my kids, much more eco conscious than I ever was at their agesIMG_0152, interrupted my packaging process one day with their comments that I wasn’t staying true to Wear Love Now by buying paper and using it. Such a great point, and yet, I wanted my clothes to be sent off in something pretty and protective. Soon after, I discovered pillowcases could be purchased at my local thrift shop for under $1. and I could cut and sew each to create 2-4 gift bags. Soon my kids were helping rip old jeans for handles and viola Wear Love Now’s gift bags were created.

This coming week I will post a DIY lesson on how you can make these sweet gift bags for your Christmas presents, library books, knitting projects or hostess gifts.

I’m so thankful that my kids’ hearts and eyes keep me focused on what is good and true in my little shop, Wear Love Now!


Nov 26, 2013


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Whether you will gather with your family and friends around a table set with care this week, or spend your days in an office or at home, I would encourage you to take a moment and count your blessings.
It’s a simple enough habit to form. At the start or end of each day take note of your blessings…give thanks to God for them, jot them in a journal or write them on slips of paper and tuck them in a jar that will fill before your eyes.

1, 2, 3…let’s count!

(print available on supermarket by matthew allen)

Green-in concept and green-in color, this dress is a winning combination!
More and more people are aware of the importance of recycling and it goes beyond paper and tin cans. Wearing upcycled clothes, like this sweet dress, is a small but, significant way of being a good steward of creation.

Upcycled clothes are not only eco conscious, they are truly unique and original.
If you have the heart and hipster style to dress green this season…
check out some of the latest fashion available through

Look good, feel good, do good!

upcycled clothing shop

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