DIY Eco Gift Bag

Dec 11, 2013


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Gift giving is in full swing and sometimes packaging renders as much thought as the present itself!
These simple, eco friendly gift bags can be full of personality and as artistic as you want them to be.

You need:
1. basic sewing tools
2. old jeans or material remnants
3. linens of some sort (pillow case or napkins)

diyblog-gift bags

Basic steps:
1. choose your linen- I like to use pillowcases because they are so reasonably priced at our thrift shop and because they have most seams completed for me. Napkins work beautifully too.
2. look for points of interest on linens…not just plain white…but, embroidery of some sort or a pretty floral pattern.
3. fold, mark (using a washable sewing pen/maker) and cut your pillowcase into 2-4 pieces, depending on your size desired. Napkins need no cutting.
4. tear old pair of jeans into strips or another remnant to use as handles. I like the look of the raw tearing rather than cut edges.
5. Sew up any edges or bottoms that need closing. Turn inside out for a reformed seam and keep stitching on the outside if you like the more rustic edging. Sew handles on…I prefer on the outside because it adds a bit of character.
6. Flourish with ribbon, doilies or another detail your gift recipient may like.

Viola! You have created a pretty, personalized gift bag that is good for the earth!


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