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Jul 1, 2014


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I have a great new book ‘Fashion 101’ by Erika Stalder to learn about the history and function behind some of the styles we still employ today.

Today’s fun tidbits are on the Empire Dress. Here’s a great example of one in my shop. It is typically a floor-length gown with the waistline just below the bust.

It is named after the historical period it became popular in..the 1800’s during France’s First Empire. It went through a revival in the ’70s (remember the daisy patterned material in the Brady Bunch?). Sometimes it has Greek symbolism or patterns intermixed with it.

Rumor has it that Josephine Bonaparte (who married Napoleon) invented the style to disguise her pregnant belly.
It is a flattering, feminine style that we all love today with ballet flats or another comfy shoe!

LOVE this style in particular.
That’s probably why my shop carries an overflow of this style in tops and dresses!

There’s no pop quiz…it is July after all!


  1. Shelley DuVal says: July 1, 2014

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