Gift Giving – the True Meaning of Christmas!

Nov 30, 2015


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gift giving

Tis the countdown to Christmas and the mad dash at stores begins! List making, cyber sales, discount codes…they are all ingredients we anticipate after Thanksgiving each year!

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What’s it all about?

And though shopping begins as a thoughtful process, it often escalates into financial extension and obligatory exchanges. Put quite simply, gift giving, the true meaning of Christmas, is ironically often lost. So I would love to challenge us this Christmas season to give gifts of love and grace. Maybe they don’t even come wrapped in packages with strings. It could be a handmade coupon to shovel a neighbor’s drive or time over coffee with a treasured friend. Packages are wonderful and they are part of the St. Nicholas and Santa Claus legacy.

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But, the greatest gift came over 2,000 years ago wrapped up and laying in a manger. That, my friends, is the true meaning of Christmas gift giving!

(and if you do shop, please support small and handmade businesses).


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