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Aug 6, 2014


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St. Joseph’s Island, Canada, is a favorite place…because of what it was for me growing up and because of what I hope it will be for my kids and their cousins.

It is where my grandma and aunt taught me the joys of skinny dipping under the stars. It is where my mom and dad would run out to the dock hoping to wave their arms hard enough to reap the incredible sound of a Great Lake Freighter’s salute. It is where my grandpa taught me to fish and where we all tried time after time to get up on waterskis. It is the magical forest where we built a fort that would stand through hard winters and soon become one my kids used in summers to come. It is where we played cards, had lively discussions while washing dishes. Priceless memories. It was a long time before there were indoor bathrooms, a telephone and a television. Instead there was a rustic outhouse, walking to your neighbors for a visit and books…lots and lots of books.

Now the cottage has the realities of a more worn life…the original walls are not all still there. As well, our adulthood has brought some brokeness and difficulty…the original freedom is not all still there.
But, my family will gather at this, my favorite place, soon…and for a while, we will remember and live in the times of card games, campfires, fishing, laughing, walking and loving…just a for a bit before we re-enter what faces us all back in our adult responsibilities.

I hope you too, Friend, have a place to share and pass on with people you love…a favorite place!

My shop will be closed since there is (wink wink) NO phone line and not a cellular signal to be had…ahhhh…until I return…love and happy summer!


  1. Becky says: August 6, 2014

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