Jun 11, 2014


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This end of school season has me hustling too fast! Two days ago I forgot an important meeting. This morning I dropped my youngest off to school and realized I had forgotten it was ‘Rock Star’ dress up day. I’m not the only one, a dad was hurrying to the school office as his daughter had forgotten her helmet for the biking unit and I’ve gotten more calls from my kids this week than the rest of the school year as they forgot homework, a notice or something else needed for their days.

A bike helmet, dressing up and notes are easily worked out dilemmas. But, a very small flower stopped me in my tracks as if to say, ‘slow down’ and do NOT forget the essentials of love…the listening at snack time with heartfelt attention to my son’s science project success, the taking off of my daughter’s leg braces with her on my lap rather than hurriedly on the floor, the fixing of my oldest’s hair so that we can talk about the friendship issues she’s wrestled with lately.

I thank God for little reminders like that flower…slow down. . . and remember what is truly important.


  1. Holly Rowley says: June 11, 2014

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