Something New from the Old!

Apr 16, 2014


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Refashioning has its roots set in various places and times. But, how I love the era of flour sack dresses (these sweet ones can be found at Although the dresses served their function well, their clever makers didn’t compromise the fashion of that time. They made beauty from ashes…or in this case…sacks.

The making something new from the old is such a beautifully redemptive process. Maybe that is one reason I am so drawn to upcycling clothes…it’s a regular reminder of what God has done in my life. I gave him the rather worn and frayed pieces of my life and he has refashioned, restored and remade me. In fact, I’m rather a work in progress of his alterations.

Happy Easter!
After all it celebrates refashioning at it’s best.



  1. Lydia says: April 18, 2014

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