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Handmade Love

Feb 12, 2015


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It is a good thing that a picture paints 1,000 words since I have been absent from blogging I need at least that much to catch up.This grouping is well timed for Valentine’s Day in that it is full of handmade love that can be found here on Etsy Handmade in itself is an expression

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I love the small business movement. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of years past when life appeared less complicated or hurried and more neighborly or community driven. The world wide web has opened my own shop and my own purchases through small businesses that are literally around the world! I stay cozy wearing my scarf from VeraJayne

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St. Joseph’s Island, Canada, is a favorite place…because of what it was for me growing up and because of what I hope it will be for my kids and their cousins. It is where my grandma and aunt taught me the joys of skinny dipping under the stars. It is where my mom and dad

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Hello, Spring!

Mar 20, 2014


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Hello Spring! Oh, I couldn’t be happier to turn the page of my calendar to this day…hope and anticipation after such a long, hard, cold winter. I love the birds singing, sun shining, people outdoors walking and sunsets after supper! What do you like about spring? I also like creating clothes with sunny colors and

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