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Choosing to live in eco friendly way enters into many decisions of  each day. Just like cars with good mileage have a lot of appeal to our hearts and wallets…so do closets that get good mileage…especially if you are an eco friendly fashionista. One easy way to increase clothing’s wearability is layering. It’s an obvious one…but, easy to do and

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The big question for most architects, designers and hairstylists is: Function over form….which gets more weight?! Most fashion of today has deep roots in function. The Pea Coat is no exception. Sailors wore this style of coat as part of uniforms as far back as the 1830s until WWII in the 1940s. In the 1960s

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Just Peachy!

Jun 2, 2014


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Oh, love this new site where I can create outfits with existing Wear Love Now items…what fun! Still figuring the technical side of it all…but, meanwhile…enjoy! Happy June! xo

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