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St. Joseph’s Island, Canada, is a favorite place…because of what it was for me growing up and because of what I hope it will be for my kids and their cousins. It is where my grandma and aunt taught me the joys of skinny dipping under the stars. It is where my mom and dad

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True Story!

Jul 19, 2014


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Yesterday we took our routine afternoon walk and one of my boys fell behind the others to chat with me. He noticed I was a little slow. I had an infection a couple weeks back and took them on a road trip a couple days back…so I was a wee bit tired. And when I

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This end of school season has me hustling too fast! Two days ago I forgot an important meeting. This morning I dropped my youngest off to school and realized I had forgotten it was ‘Rock Star’ dress up day. I’m not the only one, a dad was hurrying to the school office as his daughter

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Nov 26, 2013


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Whether you will gather with your family and friends around a table set with care this week, or spend your days in an office or at home, I would encourage you to take a moment and count your blessings. It’s a simple enough habit to form. At the start or end of each day take

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