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  This year’s 2015 fashion trends include a few of my favorites: polka dots and flared bell jeans! I think both reflect fun and femininity so well. I would like to add to that list of things to wear this year. Among them a few of my favorites: love, compassion and kindness. I think fashion

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Merry Christmas! My family is bustling with wrapping activity, cookie baking and stocking stuffing. As we do all the traditions to celebrate this season of Christmas there are two things I want to write, the first is: Thanks for the cherished support of WearLoveNow! and the second is: I wish you a very happy, merry

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Choosing to live in eco friendly way enters into many decisions of  each day. Just like cars with good mileage have a lot of appeal to our hearts and wallets…so do closets that get good mileage…especially if you are an eco friendly fashionista. One easy way to increase clothing’s wearability is layering. It’s an obvious one…but, easy to do and

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Shop Vacation

Aug 6, 2014

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Wear Love Now will be closed from August 7-17! See you soon! xo

True Story!

Jul 19, 2014


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Yesterday we took our routine afternoon walk and one of my boys fell behind the others to chat with me. He noticed I was a little slow. I had an infection a couple weeks back and took them on a road trip a couple days back…so I was a wee bit tired. And when I

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This end of school season has me hustling too fast! Two days ago I forgot an important meeting. This morning I dropped my youngest off to school and realized I had forgotten it was ‘Rock Star’ dress up day. I’m not the only one, a dad was hurrying to the school office as his daughter

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Refashioning has its roots set in various places and times. But, how I love the era of flour sack dresses (these sweet ones can be found at Although the dresses served their function well, their clever makers didn’t compromise the fashion of that time. They made beauty from ashes…or in this case…sacks. The making

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We are like many families who pack lunches and tuck little love notes in them so a simple meal can add a boost of appreciation in the midst of a full school day. The other night our youngest, Mari, was packing her lunch and asked for someone to please write her a love note. All

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